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When you think of chiropractic care, you probably envision the traditional manual technique that has remained popular for over a century. As chiropractic medicine has evolved, however, other techniques have become available, including gentle, low force, instrument-assisted techniques such as the Activator Method. If this form of care happens to be a better choice for your particular needs and condition, you'll be delighted to learn that you can receive it at Latimer Chiropractic. Our San Francisco chiropractor, Dr. Latimer, can use his skill and experience in low force chiropractic care to help you improve your quality of life.


What Is Low Force Chiropractic Care?

Traditional chiropractic methods such as Diversified Technique work on the basic principle of adjusting joint position by hand. In fact, the very term "chiropractic" translates roughly as "performed by hand." These adjustments typically involve precise movements to turn or twist the joints until their components shift back into their preferred alignment. A "crack or pop" is usually heard during the manual adjustment. This is called "cavitation and is caused by release of nitrogen gas in the fluid surrounding the joint. As effective as diversified Technique is, however, there are times when a different method makes more sense. For instance, seniors and others with degenerative joint disorders may find manual adjustments less than ideally comfortable. Other patients may have muscles that react to chiropractic adjustments by stiffening up and resisting the changes being made. Last but not least, joint problems that call for especially small, subtle, or precise adjustments may prove challenging for manual methods.

Low force chiropractic care can help to resolve these concerns. The most well-known low force technique is known as the Activator Method. This method employs a handheld, battery powered device called an Activator to perform its chiropractic adjustments.  The Activator adjusting instrument delivers a high-speed quick impulse into the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joint being treated. This high-speed low force motion can adjust joints just as effectively as traditional Diversified Technique can. Better yet, this method is so painless and gentle, and the adjustments occur so quickly, that the muscles don't react by tightening up.

A Safe, Gentle Treatment Method

Low force chiropractic care could be just the treatment modality you've been looking for, especially if you've found traditional chiropractic methods uncomfortable. Our chiropractor may recommend them for:

  • Seniors who need particularly gentle care for degenerated joints
  • Adjustments to the cervical spine or smaller, more delicate structures
  • Treatment in areas prone to muscle spasms

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