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Dr. Latimer offers a free fifteen minute consultation over the phone regarding any back or joint problems you may be experiencing. Just call the office and we will set up the time for your consultation.  If after discussing your situation, and you and Dr. Latimer decide that Chiropractic treatment can help your condition, you will have the option to schedule an initial in office consultation, examination and treatment. Since the initial in office appointment is more comprehensive than a phone consultation and Dr. Latimer will spend more time with you (usually 45 minutes to an hour) there will be a nominal fee for this initial consultation. examination and treatment.  If you have insurance which covers chiropractic care, your insurance may pay for part or all of the initial in office consultation, examination and treatment. If you prefer, after your complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Latimer, you may give your insurance information to the administrative assistant, and they will check your chiropractic benefits .Please be assured that at no time during your complimentary consultation will you experience any "sales pressure" to accept chiropractic treatment.


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